Meet Michelle Gilbert (AKA Grandma Groove)

So my name is Michelle Gilbert, I have been in the Health and wellness industry for 36 years, teaching everything from exercise to music classes, in many forms, to personal fitness training royalty and lay people alike, G.P. Exercise referrals, yoga,Massage, Reiki, embodiment coaching, meditation and Groove, massage embodiment & counselling skills.

Groove encompasses alot of the aspects of other classes in one class, for all over wellness.

It’s for the Mind, Body and the spirit.

I feel really good when I Groove because I feel supported, empowered and I can express myself however I want.

The philosophy has resonated into the rest of my life and has enabled me to make choices to become the person I wanted to be.

We have all been through extraordinary trauma with the lockdown, psychologically a fracturing of the body. Going through a transformation of the person you were before the lockdown. We have gone through a grieving process by letting your old self go - a transformation with resilience. So now different from the past, redefining yourself, through Dance, tapping into your mind, body and spirit.

Every morning has a new sunrise and begins with new eyes, you are the person that can reset everyday and make it a good day.Anew day, a fresh beginning, we have a life waiting for us, shed the old making space for the new.

We do this through Groove, an interactive connective class for all bodies, all shapes, sizes, levels of wellness, it taps into who you are authentically and works on improving your system, the complete system, mind, body and spirit.

There’s no right or wrong way, you bring your style and personality and prepare to be guided through a journey of movement that can only be described as “Delicious”. It helps to move through emotions as well as the physical and is there to hold space for you to feel good in your body.

EMD UK Fitness Presenter

Certified by the national governing body for group exercise

The World Groove Movement

Advanced Facilitation - Module 2 Course

Yoga = Embodiment

Get my certified coaching experience.

1 -1 Groove

1 hour sessions

Available upon request

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Group Groove

See the video to sample a class of meditation, gentle groove and contemplation, to feel connected.

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Did you know?

You have the ability to shift how you feel, shift these emotions, supercharge your energy and start to create a transformational change. We have some truths:


You can't get this wrong, there's no left or right foot.

See video


Your way is the right way. Be you. Use your style.


Practice this and things will change, I guarantee it.


Be authentic to who you really are.


You are exquisite, and you are responsible for you, become the best version of yourself, in Mind, Body and Spirit.

What do we do here?

What I provide is Potent Medicine for the Whole Body. With bringing everything I've learnt together and allowing myself to grow as a person and using my energy to create an online class like no other, I would like to share with you what this is all about.

Groove is an interactive/Connective class that brings Fun, unity and expression into your movement, with empowering thoughts and positive words which then become reality. We use the Breath, Dance and music to motivate. We use different genres of music, something for everyone ,as well as a personal stretch or meditate track and a stillness at the end.

Feel free to join our Online Classes, any age, any ability, whoever is in your Household. Unite feel free and most importantly have some fun in your body!


With our Groove classes there is no judgement and you are free to be yourself.


Michelle brings her passion and love for Grooving to each session, whether in-person or online


Groove like there are no rules, because there are actually none.


Discover 1-1 and small group Yoga, Massage, and Groove classes and sessions.

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