What our Groovers say..

Take a look at some of the personal testimony from just a few of the Groovers who have attended sessions in the past and hear from them first hand the experiences they have had.

Dance, exercise, and relax on the beach.

Sharon and Lynda at Champneys

Grooving their hearts out at Henlow Grange, Champneys in Bedfordshire!

Groove-Champneys spa

Testimonial of a Groove class at Henlow Grange Champneys U.K.

Feel rejuvenated, relax, feel better in my body…

Move in ways I don’t move everyday and move the wobbly bits…

Canterbury Kent Pure Gym U.K.

Julie shared her experience of her first class.

Kathleen Westword

Felt at ease and felt better with the holistic feeling.

Work it

without realizing it

What my clients say...

“I went to Michelle's class last night at the Assembly Rooms. Hi-tech stuff, linked by zoom to America, France, London and Holland - what fun! Brilliant self-choreographed work-out to wonderful music. Women all round the world are grooving and if you want to try there are more classes each Thursday evening. Come along in person, or connect by zoom!”

Griselda Mussett

To support empower and encourage people to move their bodies and become a whole person, integrating and connecting with themselves and others.

The physical is trained through the movement, being Kind and gentle with yourself yet moving creatively and comfortably to have a pleasant experience.

The mind is encouraged to carve out different pathways to enable it to become stronger and more positive .

The Neuro linguistic programming with the wording used to help support and gently encourage people to be their best selves, to the best of their ability , today & everyday.

The spirit is within us, we tap into that constantly allowing ourselves to be still, in the stillness track we can grow and transform ourselves and our bodies and our lives, for the better, it’s a process.

In conclusion - move your body, feel good and allow your body and your senses to move you, breathe, relax and soften into this full body integration of relaxation, of letting go of the things that no longer serve us, observing our bodies and our systems to help fully integrate our mind body and spirits, this will allow and give us permission to live wholesome fulfilling lives without any negativity, to the best of our ability .

So be kind to yourself today and everyday.

Don’t sweat the small stuff and continue to thrive and shine.

You deserve it.

With love 💕 warmth and thanks

Michelle Gilbert

AKA Grandma Groove.

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